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Formation - Leader of the Future

Immersive International Leadership Training

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Formation 100% à distance

40 heures

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Formation 100% à distance
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Transform your people into tomorrow’s powerful leaders!

The world is changing at an incredible pace. That’s why equipping your leaders with the skills to adapt is essential for growth.

The Leader of the Future breakthrough program helps your organisation develop leaders fit for the future. It is an immersive international program – delivered online – that brings together leaders from all over Europe to learn, experiment and share experiences.

Great leaders are trusted, authentic, show integrity and deliver results. They inspire and empower their teams and build a culture for success. Cegos helps your leaders achieve this.

Throughout the program, participants are empowered with key people management tools, informed by the world’s most prestigious business schools.

Feedback from peers, observations and self-reflection inspire awareness of a leader’s behaviour and the effect it has on others – how they motivate their teams and the impact on business performance.

The results are surprising and act as a catalyst for real change for the better.

Participants will go on a unique journey, which goes way beyond the online training.

They will be challenged, pushed out of their comfort zone, and put under pressure to reveal their true leadership style. It is an intense experience full of exchanges, challenges, emotions, and insights.

Is your company ready to transform its leaders?

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Pour qui ?

A qui s'adresse cette formation ?

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Who should attend?

  • This program will benefit rising and established leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to become a better leader.



  • At least 5 years of professional experience.
  • Participants are expected to immerse themselves totally in the training for 5 days without any distractions.
  • Some workshops end as late as 10.30pm.
  • For the transformation to take place, participants should be open to revealing their true personality.
  • English fluency.

Le programme de la formation

Pre-Immersion Week

How it works:

Although most of the training takes place in ‘Immersion Week’, the process starts earlier with self and peer evaluation. After the immersion week, there are follow up activities to ensure the transfer of knowledge to the workplace.

Participants will complete a 360 evaluation of their leadership style and performance. In addition, they will take part in a Thomas Profile Analysis and examine a Harvard Business Review case study.

Participants will embark on a 5-day transformative journey that includes virtual workshops, exercises, physical activities and group/individual assignments. They will expand awareness of their talents, identify points for improvement and acquire knowledge and tools to help them become high-performing leaders.

They will face their limitations and find ways to overcome them. The immersion is total. Participants will be engaged on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The 5-day Immersive Experience

The following topics are covered during Immersion Week:

  • Awaken your enthusiasm for leadership. Strengthen individual identity through the alignment of mission, vision and values.
  • Be fully engaged. Build the capacity needed to sustain high performance in the face of increasing demand.
  • Apply mental models to leadership. Study the intrinsic motivation of behaviours, offering individuals the opportunity to reclassify limiting models as enhancers.
  • Empowerment. Understand how to decentralise power, empowering your teams to become autonomous and agile.
  • Encourage a feedback culture. Learn how to use feedback in a structured way with a focus on behavioural improvement.
  • Coaching. Discover how coaching methodology can be applied to everyday life, accelerating the development of those under your leadership.
  • Management through profile diversity. Identify factors that motivate different behavior profiles, using a diversity of talent to support strategic objectives.
  • Future planning. Organise priorities and create a detailed plan to achieve goals.
After Immersion Week
  • To help participants embed learning, they will get a free one-to-one coaching session and a repeat 360 evaluation. They will also enjoy a 1-year free subscription to the Cegos Learning Hub.
  • All participants who complete the program will receive an official certificate.

Les objectifs de la formation

  • Discover the different leadership profiles.
  • Understand what mental models are and their impact on leadership.
  • Learn the most effective way to provide positive and negative feedback.
  • Learn to manage your energy and stay fully engaged.
  • Discover the coaching tools you can apply to leadership.
  • Discover the different behavioural profiles and the right way to apply them.
  • Understand how to empower people and teams.
  • Put into practice leadership tools and models.
  • Experiment in a safe environment.
Points forts

Les points forts de la formation

  • Leaders are pushed out of their comfort zone to experiment, discover, and apply new behaviours in an environment that simulates the volatility and agility of an organisation.
  • Intense, unique, 100% online learning experience with cutting edge tools.
  • Leaders will benefit from an individual coaching session to address their issues, obstacles and limitations as well as future development.
  • 360 and DISC evaluation to help leaders understand their profile, mental models and leadership style.
  • Award-winning content. Cegos Group is in the top 20 international companies recognised as providing best leadership training by Training Industry.
  • PMI® PDUs : Earn 40 PDUs in the leadership category of the PMI Talent Triangle® to maintain your PMP® or PgMP® certification*.


Why choose ‘Leader of the Future’ Program by Cegos?

  • Over 10,000 leaders trained around the world.
  • Net Promoter Score: 90.
  • Award-winning content.
  • High-skilled consultants and trainers.

Qualité des formations

Cegos est certifié Iso 9001 et Qualiopi.
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    • Le 26 oct. 2023 de 9h00 à 10h
    • Du 20 nov. au 24 nov. 2023
    Le lien de connexion à la formation à distance sera envoyé au participant quelques jours avant le début de sa formation.

Les avantages CEGOS

140 000 stagiaires
formés chaque année

96% de maintien de sessions garanties

Nous réalisons 96% des sessions garanties.
Il est possible que, pour des raisons pédagogiques, nous estimions que la session ne peut-être maintenue, nous vous proposerons alors de vous reporter sur une autre date à distance ou dans une ville proche.

Habilitation consultants

Les 1000 formateurs Cegos sont recrutés, formés et supervisés selon un processus Qualité d'habilitation spécifique. Trois éléments clés :

  • Expertise dans un métier, un domaine professionnel
  • Formation aux outils pédagogiques,
  • Supervision systématique par nos responsables pédagogiques.

Résultat : 9,3/10 en note pédagogique. La référence sur le marché !

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