The #UP skills acquisition collection

Digital programs that power up professional skills on the job



The future belongs to those with soft skills. Leadership skills, project management skills, communication skills – the kind of skills technology cannot replace.

The #UP skills acquisition collection helps your people upskill quickly and conveniently. They do most of their learning on the job, guided by a tutor, a coach, their line manager, and the shared experience of their peers.

Whether your people need to increase productivity, use time more efficiently or understand how to manage a remote team, the #UP experience makes it happen.

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Why use the #UP collection?

All #UP programs are designed to be flexible, so your people can learn at their own pace and implement new skills in the real working environment. Throughout each program, they will be guided on how to apply their knowledge in the workplace, reflecting on their experience to improve performance, ready for the future.

Focus on results
Clear, measurable objectives
from the start

100% Digital
Any device, anytime, anywhere

Localised content
and tutors across the globe

Programs can be launched straight
away without any need to invest
in design

Available in EN, FR, DE, ES,
IT, PT, CN languages

Get a certificate that
documents achievement

Coaching and Tutor support
Receive advice from
a coach and support from a tutor
throughout the process

Manager engagement
Managers help facilitate
learning on the job

How does it work?

An #UP program begins with two learning ‘sprints’. A ‘sprint’ is a one-hour interactive module, focusing on operational knowhow that is then applied during workplace activities.

Each program is personalized and allows your people to decide on the learning pathway that is right for them.

The program follows a simple but effective process:

1. Set up
Sign in to
LearningHub @Cegos
to access the schedule,
course materials,
daily challenges and
implementation journal

2. Personalize and learn
Attend a virtual
workshop to share
experiences with peers,
and choose two
learning sprints

3. Transfer knowledge to the workplace
In consultation with
the tutor and line
manager, start implementing what
you are learning
in your sprints.

4. Coaching
Collect and share evidence
of implementation, as well
as results, through
a coaching session

5. Certification
Submit the implementation
journal to show evidence of
results achieved in
the workplace and receive
a certificate

Request a demo and see the quality of the
#UP program for yourself